Sinagrida    Seasonal Price

Fresh daily, Broiled Whole Red Snapper


Tsipoura    Seasonal Price

Broiled Whole Sea Bass, fresh daily


Ylossa "Dover"    Seasonal Price

English Dover Sole Broiled or Sauteed, topped with Almond Butter Sauce


Solomos Scharas   $14.75

Broiled Atlantic Salmon Filet topped with Egg-Lemon-Dill Sauce. Served with Steamed Red Potato and Broccoli


Lefkopsaro   $13.95

Fresh Lake Superior White Fish Filet, served with Steamed Red Potato and Broccoli


Salahi   $14.95

Grilled Skate Wing. Lemon caper butter, orzo-lentil medley


Xifias Souvlaki   $16.25

Swordfish Kebob on a Skewer with Wedges of Onion, Tomatoes and Peppers


Htenia   $16.95

Seared Fresh Sea Scallops with Sauteed Fresh Spinach and Rice in Roasted Tomato Sauce


Kalamarakia Tiganita   $13.75

Pan-Fried East Coast Squid, served with your choice of Vegetables


Marides   $11.95

Pan Fried Fresh Smelts, served with your choice of vegetables


Bakalaos   $13.95

Sauteed Salted Cod Fish Coated in a "Kourkouti" and served with Scordalia


Garides Souvlaki   $16.95

Jumbo Gulf Shrimp Kebob on a Skewer, served with Roasted Vegetables and Rice Pilaf